New Capacitive Touch & Writing with a Twist

TouchTec introduces its new, multi-function capacitive touch screen stylus and ball point pen. Work create, or navigate your iPad, touch tablet, smart phone, and all your capacitive devices.

  • Superior control - touch or Swype
  • Write, create, tap or drag
  • Weighted feel of a premium pen
  • Precise & accurate handling

at your touch

Work and create quickly and efficiently on all your capacitive devices with TouchTec® II.

The conductive soft rubber tip provides accurate and precise note taking, drawing, sketching or simply surfing with the TouchTec® II Stylus or Stylus Pen.

Stay in touch with T4 gloves while working or playing.

Touch, Text, Tweet, Type with T4 leather gloves. 

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" It’s a pen and touchscreen stylus in one!"

"Lightweight, thin profile."

2009 Technical Excellence Award

touchtec II stylus pen

touchtec capacitive stylus

touchtec capacitive mouthstick

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